Music Library

At Memorial Montages we have gathered the most beautiful music from around the world.  Each song has been remastered to high quality 320 kbps and will be integrated into your Montage at Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound stereo.

Our Music Library consists entirely of instrumentals.  Instrumentals are considered "beautiful" music and are most appropriate for use in a Montage.  They provide a timeless calming effect which allows the focus to be on the subject at hand.  Vocals tend to be overwhelming, subjective to taste and trendy in nature.  A popular song of today may not be the song of tomorrow.

To assist you in your song selection, we have categorized the music into three groups.  "Inspirational" and "Melancholy" music is best suited for an anniversary, to honour the living or a family legacy. "Melancholy" and "Heartfelt" music is best suited for commemorating those that have passed or at a memorial service.  Of course this is only a guideline as you are free to choose any song you like.

For your convenience, we have also listed the most popular songs under each category from the music repository of over 150 songs.  We invite you to listen to the songs over and over again prior to making your song selections for your Montage.  And don't forget to note your favourites for future reference.  Since some songs are shorter in duration than others, we ask that you select a minimum of 5 songs.  The last song selected should be an extra and may not be used in your Montage.  The order in which you select those songs will be the order integrated into your Montage.

If you wish, you can also upload songs that you have purchased (CD, iTunes) for inclusion into your Montage.  We remind and caution you again that vocals can be distracting and very subjective to taste.  You may like a particular song but you could be in the minority.  As well, some facilities may not have a performance license required to play the copyrighted music.  We recommend that you check with the facility before you upload your own music.  The music in the playlists below contain songs that are royalty free and can be played anywhere.


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